CNSA 21st Annual Congress |21-23 Jun 2018 | Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre | CANCER NURSING | Science, Symptoms and Service Delivery

Do your patients undergo Radiation as part of their treatment modality?

Would you like to view the latest technology in Radiation therapy?

You are invited to tour the GammaKnife facility at The Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane.   

Friday 22 June 2018


CNSA in conjunction with the Radiation Oncology department of Princess Alexandra Hospital have arranged a private tour of the GammaKnife suite to be held during the Congress program.  This tour is a valuable opportunity for any nurse who cares for the patient who may undergo radiation therapy as a treatment modality.

This is one of only two GammaKnife suites in Australia.  Throughout the tour you will discover what goes into planning a patient when being treated with radiation therapy and the benefits of undergoing GammaKnife, which utilises highly focused precision beams of radiation targeted to  the specific treatment area of the brain.

The tour schedule is as follows:

Friday 22 June 2018

1510                Congress Afternoon Tea

1530                Bus to depart Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

On arrival at Princess Alexandra Hospital you will attend a number of presentations on Radiation therapy including the specifics of GammaKnife treatment, explore how a patient is planned for treatment, what treatment involves including the application of the head frames, patient toxicity profile and a tour of the facility.  These presentations will be given by specialist Doctors, Physicists and the Clinical Nurse Consultant for GammaKnife.

Please join us on this unique and rare opportunity.

CNSA thanks the Radiation Oncology Department and Division of Cancer Services at Princess Alexandra Hospital for this opportunity.


1710                Bus leaves PAH

1725                Bus arrives back at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


There is a maximum of 40* participants on this tour.

Spaces on these tours can be reserved during the registration process, on a first come, first served basis.

* *This tour will be an additional cost of $15 per person.


More about GammaKnife

Princess Alexandra Hospital is the home of GammaKnife® Centre of Queensland. This is the only GammaKnife® technology available in the public hospital system in Australia and the first and only service in Queensland.

The new GammaKnife® service compliments Princess Alexandra Hospital’s reputation as a Centre of Excellence in cancer care and treatment and establishes their service as a world-class radiosurgery facility.

The GammaKnife® is a non-invasive alternative to neurosurgery which uses radioactive sources to predominantly treat brain tumours. It delivers treatment called stereotactic radiosurgery which is a highly precise form of radiation. It can be used to treat various brain conditions including malignant or benign tumours. GammaKnife® enables patient planning and treatment to be done on one day as an outpatient procedure. It is the most accurate way to deliver intra-cranial radiosurgery, particularly for treating multiple lesions.

The biggest benefits for patients are that treatment involves less risk of complications, less side effects, and a reduced impact on quality of life.

Princess Alexandra Hospital commenced the GammaKnife® service in October 2015.

To watch a video about the GammaKnife please click on the link:

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